Park Development Update

Silva Park Update
The City of Riverbank has completed the plans for Phase 2 at Silva Park. Installation of a restroom, gazebo and cement tables and tennis table will begin in September, 2014.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held soon after and we will kickoff the fundraising efforts for the water park that will be part of Phase 3 of the development. Anyone interested in assisting with the planning and fundraising for the water park should call the Riverbank Parks Director, Sue Fitzpatrick at 209-863-7140. 
Silva Park sign in the middle of grass and bushes
Jacob Myers Park Update
The Friends of Jacob Myers Park and the City of Riverbank are seeking grants for increased parking and an amphitheater at Jacob Myers Park. As grants and funding are secured we will move forward with these projects.

Sports Complex Update
The 1st phase of the 11 acre Sport Complex is now open. This complex is located at 2119 Morrill Road, right off of Oakdale Road.

Phase 1 of the project offers 2 lighted soccer fields, a parking lot and a concession / restroom building. A field may also be used for football games.
Jacob Myers Park sign with rocks in front on the ground
Phase 2 will include a picnic area, BMX park and a recreation area. This phase will begin as soon as funding is secured.

Riverbank Dog Park Update
The dog park task force has been formed and are working this project. If you would like to assist with choosing the site and designing the park, Please call 209-863-7150.