Street Sweeping


 The City of Riverbank contracts with Gilton Solid Waste Management to sweep the City's streets. Our goal with this effort is to remove particulate matter, pollutants and other debris from the roadway in an effort to prevent these materials from entering our storm drain systems and local waterways. Residential streets are swept every other week and the downtown area is swept once a week. 


The following are good practices that will ensure effective and thorough street sweeping operations: 

1. Know the street sweeping schedule for your area. Match the color area on the map to the color on the schedule to see the dates for street sweeping in your area. 

2. Move vehicles off the street. By moving your car, the street sweepers will be able to sweep the entire pavement, along curb and collect all the pockets of debris that collect underneath the cars. 

3. Please remember to remove all obstructions from the curb and gutter areas. Such as garbage/recycling containers or any other obstruction. 

4. Do not sweep or deposit leaves and yard trimmings in the street. The sweeper is not designed to pick up piles of landscape debris. Please dispose your leaves, yard debris and tree branches as part of your green waste trash pick-up. 

5. Trim back branches near the street. Low handing branches present obstructions for sweepers. Residents are asked to keep their tree branches trimmed to allow for these vehicles. 

If you have any questions please call the City of Riverbank at (209) 863-7127

Street Sweeping Map and Schedule

Sweeping Map

Sweeping schedule

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