Mandatory Commercial Recycling

State law requires all businesses that generate 4 or more cubic yards of waste weekly to recycle and all apartment communities/multifamily housing complexes with 5 or more units must also recycle.  These regulations became effective July 1, 2012.

Why recycle?

Recycling may provide opportunities for your business to save money. 
Recycling helps conserve resources and extends the life of California's landfills.  It also helps create a healthy environment for our community and future generations. Recycling for all businesses and apartment communities / multifamily housing complexes is mandatory.
Recycling Arrangements

Businesses that meet the threshold must arrange for recycling services.  A letter went out to the businesses and apartment complexes in Riverbank explaining the requirements along with a questionnaire and recycling information. View a copy of the letter and questionnaire (PDF) as well as the recycling information (PDF).

For those Businesses or Apartment / Housing Complexes that already have a recycling program in place, let the City know by filling out the letter and questionnaire previously mentioned. Fill out the questionnaire and mail it to:
The City of Riverbank Development Services Department
6707 3rd Street
Riverbank CA 95367-2305
Where to go for More Information


Visit:  Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources.

Call City of Riverbank Development Services Department at 209-863-7127.

To sign-up for recycling services, please contact Gilton Solid Waste at 209-527-3781.

For additional general information about recycling and waste reduction, visit the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) at