Kidz Love Soccer

Fall Classeskls_logo

When: Fridays 9/14 - 10/19

Where: Silva Park

Resident Fee: $78

Mommy/ Daddy & Me Soccer (ages 2-3.5)

Introduce your toddler to the game of soccer! As you participate in our fun age appropriate activities together, your child will be developing their large motor skills and socialization skills. Come be part of the fun! Every child receives a Kidz Love soccer jersey.

Tot-Soccer (ages 3.5 - 4.0)

Enjoy running and kicking just like the big kids! Encourages large motor skill development through fun soccer games and introduces small children to the group setting. Each participant receives a Kidz Love Soccer jersey. Shin guards are required after the first meeting.

Pre-Soccer (ages 4.1-5.0)

Teaches the Basic techniques of the game and builds self-esteem through participation and fun soccer activities Children learn to follow instructions in a nurturing, age appropriate environment. Each participant recieves a Kidz Love Soccer jersey. Shin guards are required after first meeting.

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