Richard D. O'Brien

City Council
Title: Mayor
Phone: 209-863-7198
Mayor OBrien 2013

Elected Mayor of Riverbank in 2012, Mayor O’Brien is a proven leader who focus is on building coalitions through teamwork and the development of a collective vision.  Concentrating on the City’s Budget, O’Brien is determined to improve the revenue stream while lowering the city expenses.

As a General Law City the Mayor is responsible for producing the city budget which is assisted through the Director of Finance and an advisory committee.  The Mayor presides over the City Council Meetings, set the agenda, and select appointments for commissions, committees, authority for Council approval and ensuring the public is kept informed of important issues within our community.  The Mayor executes official documents that is delegated to the City Manager on the routine issues.

Mayor O’Brien took office when the budget balances in the past was determined by debt being pushed to future fiscal years.  Showing true leadership in working to bring the City of Riverbank to financial viability and at the same time focusing on long term efforts to increase revenue streams. .

The Mayor and City Council work closely together with the Executive Management have developed and implemented substantial changes in the way services are provided to the public.  Focusing city government’s efforts on core services while engaging the private and nonprofit sectors and Riverbank’s residents in an unprecedented fashion is key to these changes.

Major Initiatives” includes:

Increase public safety with complete staffing of Police, Code Enforcement and Staff

Remain vigilant and defend our rights as a community from the State grab of funds, water or any other undue burden that does not provide a clear benefit to this community and build a place we can be extremely proud.

Provide the best in our parks and activities for our youth to enjoy so they can grow in a safe environment.

Identify new sources of revenue to complete the staffing of our police force - to establish and maintain a full 10% general fund reserve and -  to fully staff the city requirements in the Planning department, Human Resources, Economic Development, Code Enforcement, and in Parks and Recreation

Develop communications with commercial property owners who have vacant buildings or parcels in our City to facilitate discussions regarding future use or reuse.


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