Community Resources

Chamber of Commerce
The Riverbank Chamber of Commerce provides business relationships, business advocates, marketing opportunities, and a wealth of resources to Chamber members. The Chamber is a voluntary organization comprised of small and large businesses, professionals, and interested individuals who join together to advance the interests of the Community.

Stanislaus County Library
Riverbank Branch (Riverbank Library) of the Stanislaus County Library is located at 3442 Santa Fe Street, and the phone number is 209-869-7008.

The Riverbank Library is filled with thousands of fiction and non-fiction books, periodicals, audio books, DVDs, and even some VHS tapes. The Library also has computers available for those needed to access the Internet. If your child needs resources for a school project, the Library is the first place he or she should turn to. 

Library staff can help you select just the right book for an afternoon of pleasurable reading or help you go online to make an appointment with the DMV.