Office of the City Clerk

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The mission of the City Clerk's Office is to ensure transparency of the people's business and to administer all responsibilities in an ethical, professional, and impartial manner.

The City Clerk is the local Elections Official who administers the democratic processes in nonpartisan elections; the Custodian of Records safeguarding the City's historical and vital records and ensuring the transparency of the people's business; the Compliance Officer of federal, state, and local statutes; the Filing Officer for conflict of interest or campaign filings; and the Recorder and Processor of the legislative actions ordered by the City Council, Commissions, or Boards.

City Clerk responsibilities include:

  • Providing support to the Mayor and City Council
  • Providing service to the community, City Manager, and City Departments
  • Planning, supervising, and conducting all municipal elections
  • Recording and maintaining the accuracy of the official minutes, resolutions, ordinances, records, and all official documents
  • Administering the City's records management program
  • Ensuring the codification of the City's municipal code
  • Assisting elected and appointed officers with the required Political Reform Act filings
  • Accepting claims or legal processes against the City
  • Responding to California Public Records Requests
  • Administer the Appeals Process
  • Administer the seasonal fireworks booth permit process