Budget Advisory Committee


The Budget Advisory Committee consists of five voting members of the public, one non-voting Councilmember, and one non-voting Councilmember alternate appointed by the City Council. Each Committee Member serves for a term of two years with staggered terms so that one member term ends in even numbered years and the term of the other member ends in odd numbered years. The members shall have a basic understanding of finance and accounting. The committee will appoint a Chair and Vice-Chair by a majority vote of the Committee, both of which will be voting members.

Authority and Responsibility

The Committee discusses and makes recommendations in an advisory role to the City Council on any projects, programs and policies related to the City’s Operating Budget that the City Council deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, the Preliminary and Final Operating Budgets, Mid-Year Budgets, and Annual Audits.

Meeting Frequency

The Committee shall meet as needed, but no less than four times a year. 
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As a standing committee appointed by the City Council, it is subject to public notice and open meeting requirements of the Brown Act. 

Becoming a Committee Member

Becoming a Committee Member requires the submittal of the following application:

Budget Advisory Committee Application


To submit in person:

Marisela H. Garcia, Director of Finance

6617 Third Street

Riverbank, CA 95367

To submit by e-mail:


Currently there are no vacancies on the Committee but applications can be filed and considered upon such time that a vacancy occurs.