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AEMETIS-Notice of Determination

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About Local Redevelopment Authority
The Local Redevelopment Authority (“LRA”) is a political subdivision of the City of Riverbank. The LRA was formed in 2006 by federal statute to make all decisions regarding the transfer, reuse and redevelopment of the former Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant (“RAAP”).

Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant Base Reuse Plan
The Riverbank City Council, reconstituted as the LRA Board, provides the leadership for this large undertaking and they are guided by the Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant Base Reuse Plan (“Reuse Plan”).

The Reuse Plan represents the culmination of a three-year public process to determine the best reuse for the former military site. This document provides a clear vision and a roadmap for the future development of the facility as an economic development engine for the City of Riverbank.

The conversion is well underway on the 175 acre property. Currently there are 39 businesses located at the re-named Riverbank Industrial Complex. The main entrance can be found at 5300 Claus Road, Modesto, California 95357.

More Information
For more information regarding the LRA, the conveyance of the property or information regarding the businesses at the Riverbank Industrial Complex, contact the Riverbank Local Redevelopment Authority website, email us at info@riverbanklra.org or call the office at 209.863-8352.